Backless Booster Seats Illegal?

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Backless Booster Seats Illegal In 2016?

backless booster car seats illegalBackless booster seats illegal in the USA.  An inaccurate news report stated that backless booster seats illegal in the USA in December of 2016.   Backless booster seats illegal is not true!  A new law was under consideration in the United Kingdom that would establish weight and height limitations which would make putting a small child sitting in a backless booster seat illegal.  

That decision has been postponed until March of 2017 and, if the law goes into effect, it will only apply to new booster seats coming onto the marketplace.  Under these circumstances in the UK backless booster seat illegal is true. Why say backless booster seats illegal or even believe backless booster seats illegal without proof?

Backless Booster Seat Laws 2016

Car safety passenger laws vary from state to state in the USA.  Click here to learn about the various laws for child safety seats and any booster seat law change 2016.  It’s vital that you understand the present car seat legislation when you’re purchasing a car seat for your infant or kid. There are a great deal of various guidelines (and exceptions to these guidelines) depending upon the age of your child.  That makes it an incredibly complex buying decision.  Why do all these booster car seat laws exist and why all the concern?  Here is the primary reason.

backless booster seat lawsAbout 300 children are killed in auto accident each year in the United States.  A car seat is an easy idea and it has an extremely easy function. This easy function is this: it exists to conserve the life of your kid.  A car mishap is not something that anybody actually wishes to consider, particularly where the life of a child is a risk factor. 

However, to prepare your child for the possibility is among the very best things you can do for the safety of your most prized possession — your child.

A car booster seat is quickly installed in most cars and they are reasonably low-cost. They can protect your child from severe injury and possibly death.  Exactly what’s incorrect with a typical booster seat, you may ask, that has legislators so concerned? They have seat belts, which are excellent life savers.

The issue is that car seats and seat belts are developed with mostly grownups in mind. Utilizing seat belt on a kid can in fact be more unsafe than it is efficient at safely securing your child.  This is because the seat belt can end up being knotted with the kid and trigger a fatal injury.  Watch this Fox News report on booster seat safety:

Many injuries to children are brought on by the adult not placing on the safety belt in the appropriate location when using a booster seats. And considering that a seat belt was not created for use by small kids, parents may place the seat belt on the child booster seat in the incorrect position.  Doing so puts your child at danger in the event of a possible car mishap.  Here is the recommended Evenflo Big Kid Amp Booster Car Seat.

cheap booster car seats amazonAll this is why you require a car booster seat and the correct use of the seat belt when installing the child’s car seat in your car. These booster seats enable your child to sit appropriately and safely while traveling in the automobile. They enable the seat belt to be utilized appropriately.

If there were to be a mishap, this is important.  You should never even consider taking your little one out on a trip in your car until you’ve properly installed the booster seat. It might be among the very best purchases you ever get for your child.

Buckling up is the single most efficient thing you can do to protect both yourself and your children in a crash.  It is essential that you make sure your child riding in your car is correctly protected prior to driving the car.  Keep in mind, many crashes happen within a mile of the house – so buckle your kid in a safety car booster seat for every single journey, no matter how brief.

Kids need to ride in a rear-facing safety seat up until they are at least 2 years of age.  In the most typical kind of crashes, the rear-facing car seat enables your child’s spinal column, head and neck to move uniformly into the seat and not far from it.  This is why you’ll want to keep your child in a rear-facing car seat until the age of two.

As your child grows bigger, this might indicate that you need to change from a rear-facing-only car seat to a larger rear-facing convertible car seat that can hold a bigger kid. The next action is a forward-facing car seat with a 5-point harness and top tether once they outgrow their rear-facing car seat at age 2 or more.

What Is An Alternative To Backless Booster Seats?

An alternative to a backless booster seat is a high back booster seat.  Backless boosters generally concentrate on the lower body and specific hips area. The presumption being that the upper safety belt straps will fit completely and safely secure your child. This is not normally the case due to the fact that the kid still has a lot of area to move around.  A couple of backless car seats have attempted to correct this by utilizing some limiting clips around the shoulder area.  This still is rather inadequate when the child becomes restless or learns to release the limiting clips.

High back boosters, on the other hand, measure for the entire body, which also includes of the head of your child. They are created to boost both upper and lower safety straps.  This makes them remain lined up completely with the shoulders, chest, stomach and hips of your child. In addition, they include a comfy head rest as an extra safety function. Some designs of high rear seats are convertible. This indicates that it’s possible to eliminate the back part which transforms the booster seat into backless model.

High Back Booster Requirements

high back booster seats amazonWhile there are no stringent car booster seat requirements for the style of a car seat, perfect booster car seats have a detachable back with adjustable headrests. Many high back car seats have energy-absorbing, high-density foam in the head area. In order safeguard a kid’s neck and spinal column, the head needs to be appropriately supported by the automobile seat back, headrest, or car seat. An adjustable headrest likewise assists in keeping your sleeping kid effectively placed under the seat belt.

A car booster seat is a cushion made from plastic or foam that raises your child higher in your car in order to enhance the angle and position of the shoulder safety seat belt. Car seat requirements require hooks or slots where the lap belt is executed to guarantee the lap belt is properly aligned to the kid’s hips and thighs.

At What Age Can A Child Sit In A Booster Car Seat?

It is best to postpone moving from a forward-facing car seat to a booster car seat until your kid reaches the greatest weight or height limitation of your existing child car safety seat. There is more protection with the forward-facing car seat than there will be using a booster seat with lap and shoulder belt.

When you’re ready to move your child to a booster car seat, you will find our Evenflo car seat reviews about the two most popular booster car seats helpful.  Read the reviews and save money with our discount prices.  If you’re looking for an affordable high back booster car seat for your child, please check out our high back booster car seat for child safety page.  This website features Graco high back booster car seats, Cosco high back booster car seats, and Evenflo high back booster car seats.

A booster car seat’s essential task is to correctly place a car safety seat belt throughout a kid’s chest, shoulder, and hips. Information has actually revealed that boosters decrease the threat of injury for kids aged 4 to 8 years by 45 percent versus kids of a comparable age that are limited utilizing the automobile seat belts alone.

backless booster seats illegalA high-back booster car seat likewise supplies head protection that backless booster seats do not. This is specifically crucial if your automobile does not have headrests in the rear seat.  It is also important if the headrests are not sufficiently high to safeguard your kid’s head when the booster remains in location.  The majority of high-back boosters supply that protection for your child even for automobile seats that do not have a head restraint.

While high-backs are the best option, backless boosters are still much more secure than no booster at all.  So why might you as a mother or father select a no-back design.  The biggest reason may be because backless booster seats are usually cheaper.

When searching for the best booster car seat for your child, the very first thing you have to think about is exactly what kind of seat belt system that your car has.  Knowing this will assist you in figuring out which kind of car booster seat you require for your child.  If your car has only a lap belt, you require a booster car seat with a harness and back system.   You require backless booster car seat if your automobile has a lap and a shoulder belt.  

Likewise, be certain that your rear seats have a headrest to secure your child’s head from whiplash in case of a serious accident. You will require a high back booster car seat that has a harness system when your little one is on a much shorter side of your automobile. These utilize your car’s seat belt to hold the booster seat in position, while the harness holds your kid in the seat.

Obviously, backless booster seats illegal is not an accurate statement.  While backless booster seats illegal makes a good headline, you may decide to use a backless booster seat illegal or not.  No backless booster seats illegal in any state today.

Here is a video from Boston Children’s Hospital which demonstrates injury prevention when using your booster car seat.  Watch this video now to learn how to more effectively protect your young child when using either a backless booster seat or a high back booster seat in your car:

Aside from colors and patterns, you can get high back booster car seats that have cushioning on the harness and additional safety functions such as a lap belt anchor which holds your automobile seat belt in position and keeps your little one from slipping below in an accident. With this in mind, there is no reason you can not discover the very best high back booster seats or backless booster seats that are near ideal for you and your kid.  As you visit our website, you’ll find discount deals on a variety of booster car seats featured on Amazon.