Extended Rear Facing Car Seat

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Extended Rear Facing Car Seat For Toddlers

extended rear facing car seatExtended rear facing car seat is in most cases a convertible car seat.  Rear car seat recommendations often include convertible car seats.  You often see them in rear facing car seat reviews because they are often the safest rear facing car seat.  When choosing from extended rear facing car seats for your child, you may want to carefully consider choosing the best convertible car seat. Some new parents may wonder, what is a convertible car seat?

A convertible seat is your best choice if you choose a seat that will accommodate your infant as your child grows. Convertible seats are bigger and much heavier, so they can accommodate your child for a longer time period. They are utilized in the rear-facing position for kids under one year of age and for kids over one year who do not yet weight 20 pounds. You can turn the seat forward-facing when child turns one and goes beyond 20 pounds. The majority of convertible seats accommodate kids approximately 40 pounds.

Rear Car Seat Recommendations From
Rear Facing Car Seat Reviews

Rear car seat recommendations are made by us based upon the latest rear facing car seat reviews. Reviewed and recommended extended rear facing car seats are the choice of parents who understand thy must meet rear facing car seat laws by state … the state in which they reside with their toddler. There are certain car seat height and weight guidelines for the child using the rear facing seat.

Rear Facing Car Seat ReviewsRear facing car seat reviews as to safety are available on the SaferCar.gov government website. You will also find rear facing car seat reviews and rear car seat recommendations for best rear facing car seat on Amazon on this website.  You should also read the reviews for the best convertible car seat offers presented on this site.  We also offer a selection of cheap convertible car seat product offers from Amazon.

Why should a child remain in a rear facing safety seat as long as possible? Reports suggest a front facing child has a 75% higher possibility of serious injury, or death, in a mishap. They have a 4 times higher danger of injury in a side effect crash. In the age of thirteen to twenty-three months, a child is 5 times much safer if she or he is riding facing the rear of the vehicle.

Whenever there is a crash and your child is in a forward-facing safety seat, the child’s head is tossed strongly forward while the remainder of the body is kept back by the harness. This puts amazing degrees of tension on the child’s neck and causes devastating injuries such as a severed spine or perhaps internal decapitation. The child’s head might likewise suffer serious injuries from being tossed into other items in the automobile or from the violent and abrupt motion (much like shaken infant syndrome). There are also civil laws referred to as rear facing car seat laws.

Rear Facing Car Seat Laws

Rear facing car seat laws determine at what weight your toddler can seat forward facing.  The obvious question posed by new parents is at what weight can my baby sit forward facing?  Make sure you are utilizing the right extended rear facing car seat– in the right position– for your child’s age and weight. Many baby seats can be utilized in the rear-facing position for kids under one year of age who have actually not yet reached 20 pounds.

car seat lawsA convertible baby safety seat, likewise referred to as an infant-toddler safety seat, is one that can be utilized for both newborn babies in addition to bigger toddlers. By buying a convertible seat, you will not need to buy 2 different seats in the very first one to 2 years of your child’s life.

If you currently have an infant-only seat for your cars and truck, buying an infant-toddler safety seat rather than an infant-only seat will enable you to keep your child in the rear facing position longer.

The safety seat you purchase will rely on the height, weight and age of your child. Your child will go through various phases that need various kinds of safety car seats. Do not trade out your car seat for the next phase or car seat choice too rapidly. It is necessary to keep your child in a rear-facing safety seat for as long as you can.

When your child ends up being much heavier, an extended rear facing car seat can be transformed from a rear facing seat to a forward facing seat. With these convertible baby seats, you can usually keep your baby in the much safer, rear facing position longer.

The American Academy of Pediatrics just recently upgraded their standards and now advise that infants remain rear-facing up until a minimum of age 2 and preferably even longer. Numerous specialists recommend keeping your child rear-facing up until they have actually reached the optimum weight limitation on the safety seat.

Convertible Rear Facing Car Seats Amazon

amazon extended rear facing car seatConvertible rear facing car seats offers available on Amazon are featured on this website.  You will find our recommendations for cheap convertible car seat products and for the best convertible car seat.  Each product has associated reviews from men and women who have actually purchased and used the car seat.  By reading these product reviews, you’ll be able to pick the best convertible rear facing car seat on Amazon.

You will find Amazon discounts on the Cosco convertible car seat and the Chicco convertible car seat.  Several videos are also available to help you better understand the quality, features, and safety of each car seat.  You might choose one of these popular brands to use as an extended rear facing car seat for your own child.  Pick a car safety seat with the greatest rear-facing weight limitation. 

A lot of convertible car seats have a rear-facing weight limitation of a minimum of 35 pounds and some go even greater. Keep your child in the rear-facing position up until they have actually reached the top-edge of the safety car seat or up until their head reaches less than 1″ from the top of the extended rear facing car seat.

Safest Convertible Car Seat 2022

Safest convertible car seat 2017 for your child may be extended rear facing car seats offered on this site.  As a mom or dad, you try to understand car seat safety for your newborn in order to pick the best safety seat for your toddler. You invest substantial money and time to safeguard your most valuable freight.  According to a multi-year research study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, seat choice misuse happened in 79.5 percent of the child safety seats examined.

The research study recommends that numerous moms and dads unintentionally put their kid’s life at threat by not properly utilizing the safety restraints. The most typical errors discovered were loose harness straps and safety belt accessories.  Be sure you have installed your child’s car seat properly because your toddler’s life might depend on it.

Rear Facing Car Seat Installation

Rear facing car seat installation done properly is very important to the safety of your child.  Whichever seat you pick, it is definitely necessary you understand the best ways to utilize it. Check out the seat installation and use guidelines, along with your automobile owner’s handbook. To be efficient, your child’s seat needs to be buckled into your car seat properly.  The Britax convertible car seats demonstrated above is an excellent choice.

Britax Marathon Clicktight Convertible Car Seat

Our top-rated Marathon ClickTight is a best mix of worth and safety so you can strike the roadway in total self-confidence, understanding that your child is well secured with the safest setup. The unique system for installation is the safest and simplest innovation on the marketplace. Simply open the front of the safety seat, buckle the safety belt throughout and click the seat shut.

That’s all you have to provide for rock-solid setup – the seat will not budge, and you can take a trip stress-free with your child. Britax is likewise the only child safety seat brand name that includes first-rate SafeCell Impact Protection. This integrated system of safety elements offers unequaled security for your child.

Harness straps appear to be a location specific problem for most moms and dads. For your child’s safety, the harness should remain in the appropriate slot position and fitted comfortably to your infant’s chest. The straps ought to remain in the slots at or below your child’s shoulders for a lot of extended rear facing car seats.  For most convertible seats these are at or above your child’s shoulders. The harness clip that holds the straps together must be at about underarm level, and the straps ought to not be twisted. You must constantly examine the owner’s handbook to be sure you are using suitable positioning.

Safety belt usage is a typical issue. Make certain the safety belt follows the right course for the position of the seat and recline the seat at about a 45-degree angle, if possible. A rolled towel under the base will assist in protecting the seat in that position. Tighten up the safety belt, as required, to guarantee the restraint is attached tightly. If your automobile has a LATCH system install the extended rear facing car seat according to the requirements of your toddler’s seat and those of your automobile owner’s handbook.

Why Choose An Extended Rear Facing Car Seat?

As a moms and dad, you wish to keep your child safe no matter what.  Among the very best methods to do that, particularly on the roadway, is using an extended rear facing car seat.  Extended rear facing car seats have actually been around for many years as a method to safeguard your valuable freight, even for brief car and truck travel near your home.  Among the safest kinds of seats for babies is the rear-facing seat.

An extended rear facing car seat is the very best type of car seat to utilize for infants and toddlers as they are the safest. Research studies and crash tests have actually revealed that these kinds of seats will secure the infant much more and lower the possibilities of death.  Please explore our InfantFive.com website and search for the best extended rear facing car seat for your child.